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2018-03-8 03:16:04 GMT

  1. Federal complaint filed after condo bans religious activity in common spaces  Fox 4
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2018-03-7 19:36:20 GMT

  1. Condos make up 7% of downtown Seattle's residential construction pipeline  Curbed Seattle
  2. Full coverage

2018-03-5 16:07:28 GMT

  1. Associations Must Strictly Comply With Notice Requirements to Impose Fines, Liens
  2. Full coverage

2018-03-17 18:19:29 GMT

  1. Novato condo complex owners trapped in legal battle  Marin Independent Journal
  2. Full coverage

2018-03-17 04:00:50 GMT

  1. Owner responsible for assessments regardless of when damage occurred  MyPalmBeachPost
  2. Full coverage

2018-03-16 11:03:15 GMT

  1. Oxberry pays HOA dues to get neighborhood support for luxury retail project
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2018-03-16 01:15:43 GMT

  1. Ask George and Chuck: Condominium owner at odds with board over wall repairs
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2018-03-15 21:14:00 GMT

  1. Woman says her Bible study was banned by condominium association. Now she's putting up a fight.
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2018-03-14 21:38:37 GMT

  1. Lessons From Recent Developers' Win In Fla. Condo Case  Law360
  2. Full coverage

2018-03-12 23:21:30 GMT

  1. Developer, Neighbors Settle Fla. Condo Project Suit For $22M  Law360
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2018-02-27 21:19:29 GMT

  1. A Niche Loan for Condo Capital Projects  Habitat magazine
  2. Full coverage

2018-02-26 04:34:00 GMT

  1. Condo complex says landlord needs to fix mold, deplorable conditions  WSB Atlanta
  2. Full coverage

2018-02-24 11:03:58 GMT

  1. What are the statute requirements for notice of meetings?  Naples Daily News
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