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2024-05-29 07:00:00 GMT

Portsmouth condo assoc. didn't use HOA dues to pay nearly $1M in water bills WVEC

2024-05-02 07:00:00 GMT

Orlando condo association proposes special assessment of up to $22,105 per owner  FOX 35 Orlando

2024-04-13 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Is a 'capital contribution' of hundreds of dollars charged to new owners legal?  TCPalm

2024-04-13 07:00:00 GMT

My condominium association is charging new owners $900 fee like a HOA â€" but a lawyer says there’s a major l...  The US Sun

2024-04-09 07:00:00 GMT

What are Florida's new homeowners association laws? How to find your HOA's rules  Florida Today

2024-03-13 07:00:00 GMT

Florida Legislature Beefs up Condo Association, HOA Laws  The Real Deal

2024-03-08 08:00:00 GMT

What To Expect If Your Home Is Part of a Homeowners Association  Real Estate

2024-02-22 08:00:00 GMT

HOA insurance premiums skyrocket across Colorado, driving up condo dues KUSA

2024-02-22 08:00:00 GMT

HOA president colluded with relatives to steal from Kendall condo complex, police say  Miami Herald

2024-02-16 08:00:00 GMT

Trio accused of defrauding Miami-Dade homeowners association out of tens of thousands of dollars  NBC Miami

2024-01-27 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Can someone who has power of attorney for a property sit on the board?  TCPalm

2024-01-16 08:00:00 GMT

Florida HOA fees are increasing and condo owners are taking the brunt of it. What to know  Pensacola News Journal

2024-01-13 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Do emotional support animals qualify under service dog status for condo living?  TCPalm

2024-01-07 08:00:00 GMT

Resident cruises property in unmarked car, with camera looking for HOA rules scofflaws  Palm Beach Post

2024-01-06 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Can homeowners' associations waive their year-end financial report?  TCPalm

2023-12-30 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Can the condominium association have someone enter my unit when I am not home?  TCPalm

2023-12-22 08:00:00 GMT

HOA frustrations: Ramblewood East residents voice concern about condo board's practices  CBS Miami

2023-11-25 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Can our Association legally implement restrictions on renting units, houses?  TCPalm

2023-11-20 08:00:00 GMT

What Is A Homeowners Association, or HOA?

2023-11-18 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Do 1- or 2-story condos have to be fully funded by 2024?  TCPalm

2023-11-11 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Is it legal to require paying owners to pay assessments for those who don't pay?  TCPalm

2023-11-07 08:00:00 GMT

Hancock HOA fields complaints about reserve fund, late fees  Loop North News

2023-11-02 07:00:00 GMT

“Running amok”: Florida lawmakers fall short with HOA, condo law  The Real Deal

2023-11-01 07:00:00 GMT

Condo Wars: Arson, assault, murder â€" HOA disputes turn violent  South Florida Sun Sentinel

2023-10-30 07:00:00 GMT

Florida's new Homeowners Association laws explained, How to find your HOA's rules and regulations  TCPalm

2023-10-14 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: What happens if there aren't enough members willing to serve on the board?  TCPalm

2023-10-07 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: What's the difference between a town hall meeting and a board meeting?  TCPalm

2023-10-03 07:00:00 GMT

Florida law known as the "Homeowners' Association Bill of Rights" takes effect  CBS Miami

2023-09-27 07:00:00 GMT

Condo association for Caribbean Isles Villas in Miami-Dade under investigation for neglect, handling of funds  CBS Miami

2023-09-25 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Fees: Everything You Need To Know

2023-08-27 07:00:00 GMT

Condo owner fears 'best efforts' language in law allows HOAs to scrimp on insurance protection  Palm Beach Post

2023-08-12 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Is there a term limit to how long someone can be on the board?  TCPalm

2023-08-05 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Are a condo association's ledgers private in regard to assessment delinquency?  TCPalm

2023-07-18 07:00:00 GMT

Florida Condo Association’s property insurance spiked nearly 1,000% â€" Here’s why  WFLA

2023-06-24 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: What are the new requirements for structural inspections of condo buildings?  TCPalm

2023-06-16 17:30:54 GMT

Association Academy: Condo & HOA Collections  Husch Blackwell

2023-05-20 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Are dues paying owners entitled to know who's delinquent and if any sanctions?  TCPalm

2023-04-29 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: If a new board member resigns, how do we replace that person?  TCPalm

2023-04-27 07:00:00 GMT

11 Insane Homeowner Association Horror Stories  Family Handyman

2023-04-16 07:00:00 GMT

My condo president nixes owners' choice of a real estate agent. Is that legal?  Palm Beach Post

2023-04-15 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: If an election of directors is uncontested must we still vote?  TCPalm

2023-03-18 07:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Should board members accept gifts, such as holiday food baskets?  TCPalm

2023-02-25 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Q&A: Does Florida law dictate records availability from homeowner associations?  TCPalm

2023-02-15 08:00:00 GMT

A Homeowners Association in East Portland Is in Knots Over What a $5 Million Repair Might Mean for Its Low-Income Residents  Willamette Week

2023-02-12 08:00:00 GMT

HOA Ruining Your Life? 8 Things It Can't Doâ€"and How You Can Fight Back News

2023-02-11 08:00:00 GMT

New HOA fees at Yorba Linda community may force residents out of their homes  KABC-TV

2023-01-18 08:00:00 GMT

Resident raises red flag in condo election, but is the concern legit?  Palm Beach Post

2022-11-15 08:00:00 GMT

Is fraud occurring in your HOA? Red flags to watch for and how to file a complaint  Miami Herald

2022-08-19 07:00:00 GMT

Hawaii Condo Fees Are Among Nation’s Highest. And They’re Squeezing The Middle Class  Honolulu Civil Beat

2022-06-28 07:00:00 GMT

Homeowner fined $40,000 for a few inches of fence takes HOA to court

2022-06-05 07:00:00 GMT

HOA owner may grant power of attorney to allow resident to participate in association affairs  Florida Today

2022-05-12 07:00:00 GMT

Condo questions: HOA's can ban political signs but lots of steps must must be considered  TCPalm

2022-03-31 07:00:00 GMT

Condo questions: How many days in advance of an election must ballots be mailed?  TCPalm

2022-01-27 08:00:00 GMT

Why An HOA's Finances Can Complicate Your Mortgage Application

2022-01-13 08:00:00 GMT

Condo questions: Can condo owners access a master list of residents?  TCPalm

2021-11-03 07:00:00 GMT

How to Get Your Condo or Homeowners Financial Records  WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

2021-08-30 07:00:00 GMT

What to know about homeowners associations in Boston

2021-03-07 08:00:00 GMT

Special assessments generally governed by each association’s own documents  Florida Today

2020-11-04 08:00:00 GMT

Condo questions: Does sharing membership's personal info violate Florida law?  TCPalm

2020-09-12 07:00:00 GMT

Change of exterior paint color requires HOA membership vote in condo  Florida Today

2020-08-22 07:00:00 GMT

Condo HOA may be obligated to give disabled owner closer parking spot  Florida Today

2020-05-06 07:00:00 GMT

Condo column: HOA covenants not being enforced; what recourse do we have?  TCPalm

2020-04-30 07:00:00 GMT

Sentry Management Expands HOA and Condo Management to  GlobeNewswire

2020-02-06 08:00:00 GMT

Indy woman files class action lawsuit alleging condo association wrongly charged attorney's fees  WRTV

2020-01-26 08:00:00 GMT

REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Who pays for condo damage by contractors hired by HOA?  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

2019-12-21 08:00:00 GMT

Records must be made available upon written request  Naples Daily News

2019-11-07 08:00:00 GMT

Condo questions: Can HOA deny prospective tenant because of a felony?  TCPalm

2019-10-24 07:00:00 GMT

Condo questions: Who is responsible the owner or the Association?  TCPalm

2019-08-10 07:00:00 GMT

Houston condo owners sued their HOA board after foreclosures, a big assessment and other issues. But state law gives them few options.  Houston Chronicle

2019-04-09 07:00:00 GMT

Recounts: Difficulties Correcting HOA and Condo Election Ballot Count Errors After the Annual Meeting  JD Supra

2018-08-27 07:00:00 GMT

'No, you can't,' condo owner says to HOA after alleged age and race discrimination  The Arizona Republic

2018-03-25 07:00:00 GMT

Is association's rule regarding tenant screening process valid?  TCPalm

2018-02-23 08:00:00 GMT

Selling Your Home With an Unfortunate Twist: Your HOA Is Deep in a Lawsuit  Real Estate

2017-09-27 07:00:00 GMT

Portland Condo Owners Toss Out Homeowners Association Board That Imposed High Fees  Willamette Week

2017-03-25 20:50:15 GMT

9 Things to Know About Homeowners Associations (HOAs)  Investopedia

2017-03-20 07:00:00 GMT

Are condo & HOA bank deposits fully insured by Uncle Sam?  Loop North News

2016-05-01 07:00:00 GMT

Q&A: Should HOA board sue an ex-director who used association funds for a condo upgrade?  Los Angeles Times

2016-03-01 08:00:00 GMT

Chicago still condo/HOA town with 12,235 associations  Loop North News

2015-04-27 07:00:00 GMT

How to Successfully Live Under a Homeowners Association  U.S News & World Report Money

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